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Veikkaus To Do Compulsory ID Checks For Slots

Veikkaus To Do Compulsory ID Checks For Slots

Veikkaus, Finland’s only company to provide domestic gaming facilities Online Casino LVKINGSG, revealed this week that it will carry out mandatory identification controls through its slot machine network on 12 January 2021, as has previously been announced.

In Finland’s amended lotery act, the obligatory ID checking for slot machine players should take place from 2023. However, Veikkaus has expedited its preparations and committed to implementing the reforms by the end of January 2021 following the demand to change its responsible gaming policies.

They remove slot machines from their stores – Nord News

The new measures

In the light of this, the administrator recently announced that the implementation of the steps will be completed several weeks earlier than planned. The obligatory ID authentication would involve a slot player from the brand that identifies itself if it wants to play through a smartphone app or a banking card attached to the database of Veikkaus. 

The new measures would also allow players to restrict themselves from playing in the slot machine network of the operator www.lvking888.com/sg/en-us/. In addition, VeiKaus has emphasised that new ID authentication checks would help the organisation create an atmosphere that enables problem players and players with signage to be identified and cared for the issue of addiction and gambling.

In the light of this measure, the obligatory ID inspection will first take place through slots located at locations operated by non-Veikkaus such as hotels, shops and gas stations. It should be remembered that Such devices enable players to check their identity from 12 January, and in the summer of 2021 Veikkaus will perform the obligation of verifying its slot arcaden.

Operation launched

At the start of September this year, the operator started a pilot programme for account-based games. Veikkaus imposed compulsory ID checking on some of its slot machines during this process. In November the programme was then generalised to other computers.

As part of the new prudent gaming policies, the retailer now aims to retire its Slot Machines estate by 8 000 slot machines by the end of the year. It had previously declared the shutdown of 3,500 spacecraft by the end of 2020, but plans were unveiled later on to remove further units.

Lukijoilta: Mistä apua rahapeliriippuvaisen läheisille - Lukijoilta - Turun  Sanomat

New casino regulations

 online gaming tech affiliate of Veikkaus, has reported in other operators’ news earlier this week that its remote game server and online casino content is soon to be launched with Finland’s monopoly of gambling. By using the Play Digital I gaming app solution of IGT, Veikkaus can gain access to the content portfolio of the latter.

While it reduces the offering of land based slot machines, Veikkaus’ attempts to promote responsible gambling have turned its attention to online gaming. However, the provider has recently captured the attention of regulation agencies for its multi-year and multi-million euro portfolio. Veikkaus Director of Law and Social Responsibility for Pekka Ilmivalta, in response to criticism of the relationship, dismissed the argument this year, saying the relationship with IGT is not a separate tender but rather a continuity of an ancient deal.

6 Things to Know About Online Casinos

6 Things to Know About Online Casinos

The online casino game industry is slowly rising due to the growing popularity of online platforms among gamblers. People find online casinos more convenient as they can access them from anywhere at any time. There are currently two types of online casino platforms. Some online casinos are downloadable and can be played through their application, while other casinos can only be accessed through their official website. Here are some things about online casinos that you did not know.

6 Things to Know About Online Casinos

Online casinos are secure

Players can ensure their safety when they play online, as online casinos are supposed to offer the highest level of security to their player accounts and money. It is difficult for hackers and malware today to breach an online casino’s security. Most casinos have added two-factor authentication that allows gamers to be safe keep their accounts.

Legal casinos

Different countries have their own laws for gambling. You must connect with the local authorities to learn about their regulations on gambling. If a casino platform has a license under any authority in the world, your local authority will question the casino before questioning you. Always make sure that you are on a licensed platform to stay away from any legal trouble.

Fairness of the games

Online casino platforms are competitive when attracting new audiences. They need to keep their games fair and rewarding to attract more gamers. Nowadays, the games also offer access to the mechanics you can check if you know to code. It is highly unlikely that a casino will rig its game when they need to focus on attracting an international audience.


Some of the online casinos can provide over 40 different payment and withdrawal options for gamers. They include all online wallets, bank accounts, cryptocurrency, and wire transfers for easy and fast money transfers. One can find a casino with a deposit and withdrawal option that they are comfortable with.

Responsible gambling

Most casinos offer responsible gambling today for players if they want to restrict themselves from overspending their money on games. Players can use the responsible gambling features and limit their daily expenditure for a healthy gambling habit. Players can also restrict themselves and even ban themselves from gambling.

Games and strategies

While everyone has a different taste in casino games, it is suggested that you learn about the games and what odds they offer in order to win. The pros would suggest that you always play games like poker and blackjack that allow you to influence the games. While slot machines may seem like the easiest games to play, they have comparably higher odds than poker and can cost you a lot more before you win. Pick your games wisely not to waste your time and money on the games with high house edges.

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