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Group Travel 101

A Swiss Winter Wonderland

By: Liz Patterson

If you long to go walking in a winter wonderland and experience the thrill and beauty of the snowy season, Switzerland is the ideal destination. Nowhere on earth will you find more perfectly extraordinary winters. Whether you are a thrill-seeker with an aptitude for mountain climbing or a vacationer dreaming of cozy chalets and cups of steamy hot cocoa, you will find a heaven in Switzerland.

Activities for Adventure

Winter offers many exciting opportunities here on the dreamy white slopes and beautiful mountains. One favorite Swiss activity is building and riding what they call a Skibock. A Skibock is a blend between a sled and a snowboard that is easy to build and thrilling to fly down the slopes on. So if you love snow sports, make sure to try out this different twist on sledding. Skibocks may be odd, but they are a tremendous amount of fun.

Another adventure to be explored is snow-shoe trekking. There are three hundred and thirty different marked trails to follow. They are offered by one hundred and ten of the different winter resorts. A few of the best are in Aletsch, Amden, and Arosa. In Aletsch Forest you can wander through huge, towering, ancient trees laden with a frosting of snow. It is an awe-inspiring and intriguing trip. In Amden you can snow-shoe trek with gorgeous, loveable Siberian huskies. For animal lovers, this is a memorable and enjoyable opportunity. In beautiful Arosa, you can explore the breathtaking winter landscape and see sights you will never forget.

Have you ever dreamt of flying? Now your wish can come true. Switzerland offers incredible paragliding. With its azure sky, majestic mountains, and sweeping valleys, this winter wonderland is best viewed from the air. For the ultimate Swiss experience, surf the wind and be a bird for the day by paragliding over the scenic country.

Retreats for Relaxation

Switzerland is known for its luxurious spas. If you are longing to indulge in a delicious treat, travel to one of the amazing four and five-star hotels that offer wonderful spas. Soak in steamy springs surrounded by gorgeous Alpine scenery, or relax in one of the lavish hotels. No matter what you choose to do and where you choose to go, you are definitely in for a fabulous opportunity to be pampered. Some of the top hotels are the Arosa Kulm Hotel and Alpine Spa in Arosa, the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa, and the Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz.

In Adelboden you will find a fun and relaxing activity that both sightseeing tourists and romantic honeymooners will enjoy: a sleigh ride. Cuddle up in a horse-drawn sleigh and watch the beautiful Swiss landscape go by as you drive through sparkling, snowy roads. A dramatically peaceful and lovely option is a night ride underneath the bright stars and shadowy blue snow drifts.

Another great idea for a serene Swiss experience is to take a chairlift up one of the many ski resort mountains. Snuggle up in warm coats and bring a camera so you can capture the classic mountain vista of this enchanting country.

Switzerland offers a wide variety of winter activities and excursions. Whether you are an adventurer or a traveler in search of peace, quiet, and beauty, Switzerland has the perfect opportunity for you. So start planning your trip to the world’s most charming winter wonderland.

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