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Group Travel 101

Advantages of Educational Travel

By: Liz Patterson

At first glance educational travel seems impractical and unrealistic. However, if you take a closer look at it, student travel has many distinct advantages over normal education. We each have different and unique ways of learning and receiving information. Educational travel makes bland schoolwork suddenly intriguing. It inspires in students the love of learning and a fascination with the world around them.

One of the first and foremost benefits of educational travel is that it engages and interests any kind of student, from the rebellious, bored teenager who would rather be anywhere else in the world than sitting in a classroom to the sensitive child who is still forming their perspective on the world. Instead of reading in a textbook about the economic situation of a Central America country, watch your student experience it for themselves as they walk through the streets of Belize. World travel provides you with a fuller, realer, and deeper education.

If you are worrying about the financial side of educational travel, I have good news for you. Many airlines offer student discounts which enable you to save money and encourage you to experience the wonders of educational travel for yourself. When you think of all the finances you spend on traditional education and realize how little your student gets out of it, you see that educational travel certainly has its benefits. By mixing school with unforgettable memories and exciting adventures, the things your student learns will be appreciated, remembered, and cherished.

But the most important advantage of educational travel is its result. When you see things for yourself instead of reading about them in an impersonal, boring curriculum, it makes it come alive. Students who plan and make the effort to travel come away profoundly impacted and inspired. Instead of storing knowledge, they are enlightening their minds, encouraging their intelligence, and shaping their own character. Learning is not just an obligation anymore, it is a special treat and a valued part of their lives.

The best benefit of educational travel is that it inspires your student to achieve the height of their potential and be the best they can be. Learning in this deep, personal way helps them to excel in all that they do and fully realize the value and benefit of education.

No matter what kind of student you are and no matter what methods you use to learn, educational travel is an amazing opportunity for you. It requires planning and determination, but I assure you, you will never regret the time you spent traveling. Though the traditional system of schooling is a necessary factor of every child’s education, learning through traveling is what will make them prize the knowledge and intelligence they gain through school.

So start researching your own trip and experience for yourself the exciting advantages of educational travel. There are many resources easily available on the internet in which you can learn about where to go, how to plan your trip, and what sights to see. Look up airline companies too and discover some of those great student discounts.

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