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Group Travel 101

Bella Italia

By: Liz Patterson

Do you dream of escaping reality for a few weeks and indulging in the wonder and excitement of travel? What vacation destination could be more ideal or more romantic than Italy? From the breathtaking Dolomite Mountains to the balmy coast of the Mediterranean, Italy is a place of incredible beauty and fascinating sights. Wander through the Vatican or relax in the enchanting coastal village of Positano. Whether you are an adventurous traveler or a vacationer, Italy offers a wide variety of opportunities and experiences perfect for you. So start planning your trip to bella Italia now! But where do you start? Just take a look at these top four destinations.

Lake Como

One of the most lavishly gorgeous places on earth, Lake Como has attracted movie stars, poets, musicians, writers, and film makers for years. The stirring sight of its idyllic waters inspired famous 19th century poet Lord Byron, as well as a host of other artists. Now it is a resort area for many vacationers. If you are lucky enough to own a villa on the shore of Lake Como (like George Clooney), you can have your own piece of heaven on earth whenever you want. Sit on the dock, sip a glass of wine, and gaze at the amazing gardens, the serene lake, and the tremendous Alps looming in the distance.

San Marino

Though the smallest republic in the world, little San Marino is a significant tourist spot and a beloved destination for many travelers and Italy-lovers. If you love luxury, you can definitely find your heart’s content of splendor and affluence in this classic place. Cruise on a sleek yacht or shop in the trendy boutiques. San Marino offers lots of sights to see, places to go, and things to do. It is a definite must-see on your list of Italian travel spots.

Lake Garda

Like Lake Como, the lovely Lake Garda offers scenic views, fabulous activities, and a great chance to kick back and relax. Revel in the beauty of the vibrant colors of the flowers and greenery that line the shore. Then hop on a boat and sail around this largest and cleanest lake in Italy. Lake Garda is an extremely popular spot for windsurfing, swimming, and sailing. If you are an enthusiast for water sports and awesome scenery, Lake Garda is the ideal destination for you.


Drive or cruise down the Amalfi coast for a fun and charming trip. You can stop in the captivating old coastal village of Positano, which dates all the way back to the 10th century. Once a flourishing seaport for merchants, it is now a tourist spot and fantastic vacation destination. Also the muse for a number of artists and the getaway for a myriad of celebrities, Positano is a beloved little corner of Italy. Bask in the warmth of the sunny beaches or tour the fascinating historical sights along the Amalfi coast. Positano will not fail to delight you.

Whether you choose one, or all, of these top Italian vacation spots, you are sure to be rewarded with exciting adventures, fun cultural experiences, and beautiful scenery. Italy is definitely the most dreamy and romantic travel destination for a reason.

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