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Group Travel 101


By: Liz Patterson

When we think of a beautiful travel destination, we most often think of classic spots like Tuscany, France, or Ireland. However, there is one unexpectedly lovely and enjoyable location that is growing in popularity: Germany. In Germany’s capital city of Berlin, you will find fantastic food, exciting festivals and activities, gorgeous parks and scenery, and an assortment of sights full of historical significance and intrigue. You will not lack for interesting opportunities to explore in Berlin.

First of all, there are the fascinating historical sights and wonders like the Brandenburg Gate and Memorial Church. The impressive Brandenburg Gate is perhaps Berlin’s most popular and well-known landmark. This splendid gate marked a troubled no-man’s-land until it was reopened after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Now it stands as a stirring monument in celebration of a division that has been conquered.

Another famous sight to see in Berlin is the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on Kurfürstendamm. This church is, as its name says, a memorial. It is there to remind both travelers and natives of the power of peace and reconciliation. The Memorial Church is a tangible assurance of Berlin’s desire to rebuild and rededicate itself during the years after the war. A trip to visit either the Brandenburg Gate or the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church will not be time wasted at all. These majestic and stirring structures will give you a taste of the passions and perspectives of the people, and remind you of the tortured and troubled past of this historic city.

After touring these couple historic monuments, you will no doubt be in the mood to relax and indulge in some great food. Head on over to the Hotel Adlon Kempinski. This hotel is an exciting and interesting mix of the past and present. Its restaurant on the first floor boasts an amazing view of the Brandenburg Gate. It is a classy and enjoyable place to sample the delicious cuisine and variety of wines. Traditional German food tends to be hearty, filling, and mouthwateringly good. You can count on the service being great and the evening being a highlight of your trip to Berlin.

Food comes first, as we all know. But after you have had your fill of wonderful German cooking, it’s time to explore a couple of the exhibitions and festivals that Berlin is famous for. Many travelers to this exciting city have fallen in love with its colorful celebrations and thrilling opportunities for fun. Bring a camera and a friend to share the experience with and you are sure to create fabulous memories to treasure.

One festival you won’t want to miss is the Berlinale. Once the month of February comes, the city becomes a destination of pilgrimage for film-makers, cinema-enthusiasts, and fun-lovers from all around the globe. Major movie-makers and stars come to share their works with the public and have a blast. Although there are many, many more festivals and exhibitions offered in Berlin, the Berlinale is definitely one of the top events.

Whether you love history, seeing incredible sights, tasting good food, kicking back and relaxing, or laughing and celebrating at festivals, you are sure to have the time of your life in Berlin, Germany, this unexpectedly beautiful travel destination.

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