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Group Travel 101

Bringing Your Mission Team Together

By: Liz Patterson

Are you having trouble recruiting a mission travel team? Often people are reluctant to travel half way across the world. Yet if they go, they find that they will have an experience of their lifetime. So how do you persuade them? How do you bring together your mission team?

One of the most effective ways is to gather testimonies. A story is a powerful means of catching people’s interest and capturing their heart. It makes all the high and lofty ideals of mission travel come down to a personal level. It proves that the trip changes lives and that it is worth the cost and time. A good story can be the catalyst that stirs many people to make the decision to go on a mission trip.

A way to gather memories is to have each person on the team from a previous trip write down their most unforgettable moment. You can have them tell you the funniest moment, their favorite moment, and the most impactful moment. That way you have a good variety if you should choose to use the memories in a presentation. Along with stories you should always have pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words, so don’t forget to take plenty! Videos are also a great attention-grabber and really bring to life the experience of mission travel.

Another way to increase participation and inspire more people to join your mission team is to actively increase your prayer support. If someone prays for the team for a while, they will naturally want to know more about the trip. It will spike their interest and keep them constantly open to considering going themselves. It will also make them feel as if they have a personal investment in the trip. The more they pray for you, the more they will be willing to share in the experience themselves.

You can also encourage your donors to go themselves. Many people like the idea of supporting mission work, but don’t have the time, energy, or conviction to go themselves. By showing the impact the trip had and piquing your donors’ interest, you can often persuade them to go. For instance, if a parent pays for his son to go then hears about what an amazing experience it was when the son gets back home, the parent may want to go on the next trip.

Of course, there is one more very important thing you can do to help bring your mission team together and it is simple: pray. If you are going with the intention of spreading God’s love and acting on your faith, then God will see to it that you are not alone. He knows better than anyone else who the perfect people are for the trip and He can, better than anything you do, persuade them to go. So don’t worry if you are having a difficult time rounding up enthusiastic participants. Just keep praying and putting to use the tips shown in this article.

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