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Group Travel 101

Creativity for Your Destination Wedding

By: Liz Patterson

Though the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of a ‘destination wedding’ is a ceremony on the beach, there is a wide variety of other options available. A classic beach wedding is a beautiful idea, but perhaps it is too cliché for you. If you dream of something imaginative and different, just use your own creativity and start planning your destination wedding, because the sky is the limit. The more unique your celebration is, the more memorable it will be.

First of all, have you considered a winter wedding? Exchanging vows in a meadow of pure, newly-fallen snow with majestic mountains in the background can be just as breathtakingly romantic as any tropical beach. Though you might have to buy a dress with long sleeves, imagine the elegance and beauty of a serene winter wedding. Holding your ceremony in the wintertime is also very practical for guests, because of Christmas break and time of during the holiday season. Everyone is already in a festive mood and will be more than willing to join in the excitement and joy of your wedding.

If a winter wedding does not sound appealing to you, yet a beach wedding still doesn’t sound like the thing for you, how about a cruise? Cruise ship weddings are luxurious and unforgettable. Not only will you be pampered and have the time of your life, but your guests will enjoy the experience immensely. Many cruise ships offer prices similar, if not more affordable, than a nice hotel.

Another option for the fun-loving bride and groom is a Disney wedding. Can you imagine the fantastic celebration you could have at Disneyworld or Disneyland? This is a well-loved idea for couples who have kids or whose guests have children. Not only will the kids have the time of their life, but you will end up making some extraordinary memories.

If you would like your wedding to be characterized by elegance, instead of casual fun, you should look into a vineyard wedding. Exchanging vows in a lavish California vineyard with the setting sun behind you is the epitome of a romantic ceremony. Stay in a luxurious hotel, enjoy the fruits of wine country, and look out over the beautiful countryside. A vineyard wedding offers you a spectacular ceremony and a relaxing, peaceful honeymoon.

Last but not least is the idea of a castle wedding. Be a princess for the day and let your fairytale come true. Staying in a castle with all its mystery and magnificence, yet all the comforts of modern convenience is a treat you and your guests will never forget. There is a large selection of castles you can rent for your wedding and honeymoon, and each one has its own style and personality.

Adding a flare of creativity to your destination wedding will make it all the more special for both you and your guests. Besides the ideas shown here, there are many others. And of course, if castles and cruise ships aren’t for you, perhaps you should consider a classic tropical beach wedding. No matter what you choose, though, you are always guaranteed a beautiful and incredible wedding.

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