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Group Travel 101

Excitement in Provence, France

By: Liz Patterson

Provence, the idyllic countryside of France, has so much more to offer than lounging around in a quaint village. There is fun to be had and fascinating activities to explore in this popular tourist destination. From kayaking to cooking classes, you will certainly not lack for things to do and thrills to be experienced. Whether you dream of adventure, leisure, or a fabulous cuisine, Provence will fulfill your idea of the perfect vacation. Just take a look at some of these marvelous opportunities.

Active Excursions

One of the many adventures Provence boasts is mountain biking. Rent a sturdy bike and set out on an expedition through the beautiful and breathtaking mountainous countryside, stopping to picnic and snap pictures of the wildflowers. Or go as a family and rent bikes for your kids, enjoying an easy and fun trip.

Another option is horseback riding. After a few preliminary riding lessons, swing up onto the back of your horse and experience the excitement of a guided trip to impressive Lure Mountain, in high Provence. Other trips are available, though Lure Mountain is a popular destination, and you are sure to create wonderful memories on this rustic adventure.

If you love the wild beauty of the Southern Alps and other extraordinary spots in France, head out on a kayaking or canoeing trip. Delight yourself with the invigorating fresh air, the thrill of gliding down the scenic rivers, and the amazing teamwork and companionship you can enjoy on a canoeing or rafting trip. You and your companions will see the best of Provence this way and have a blast as well.

Fun Learning Opportunities

After you have had your fill of active excursions, relax and occupy your time with learning and developing interesting skills. Provence offers authentic and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to learn more about all different kinds of things in an exciting way.

Take a photography course and snap photos of the gorgeous French countryside, or capture the warmth and color of the Provencal culture. If you love the exquisite French art, discover your talent in a painting class. Provence will not lack with subjects for your paintbrushes. All throughout the ages, people have traveled to France to learn the subtle skill of painting. Walk where the famous artists have walked and be inspired by the enchantment of France.

Another venue of learning is the art of cooking. The French cuisine is loved and renowned throughout the world. Learn the tricks and secrets to creating mouthwatering dishes of your own. Provence provides many opportunities for classes and courses on gastronomy and cooking.

Though a trip to Provence should definitely include a fair deal of relaxing in the divine weather and wandering around the idyllic countryside and charming villages, this area of France has much more to offer. Fulfill your desire for adventure by kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or hiking. Or discover hidden talents and perfect skills in amazing courses on cooking, art, photography and more. So start planning your trip to this exciting and popular travel destination and experience its delights for yourself!

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