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Group Travel 101

Experience Europe This Side of the Pond

By: Liz Patterson

Have you ever longed to travel to Europe? Well, here is your chance. There are many opportunities to experience the culture and beauty of Europe without having to travel across the big pond! Our continent offers many cities with distinct European flair. So don’t hassle with traveling too far from home. Experience Europe here in the Americas by seeing one or all of these fabulous cities.


Because of Boston’s association with the Revolutionary War, we often think of it as a strictly American city. However, in comparison to other major U.S. cities, the culture of New England is deeply tied with its Old World roots. Founded in the 1600s by the Puritans, Boston has grown and evolved into a beautiful city for tourists to explore. You will find many Irish pubs lining the winding streets as well as a noticeably Italian-style north end of the city. Boston’s architecture is also a sight to see. You will find many different styles including Georgian, Romanesque, and Victorian.

San Juan

The capital of Puerto Rico is just a short flight away from the east coast and makes for  charming and fun destination. A spicy mix of European flair of Caribbean color decorates San Juan, with its cobblestone walkways and brightly-painted buildings. San Juan also boasts a great number of attractions for tourists, including a delicious and tasty cuisine, a lively, exciting night life, and also some beautiful sights such as the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro.


Santiago is the capital of Chile and in many ways a Latin city. Yet there are distinct European essences in this beautiful city. Brimming with modern style and historic significance, Santiago is an enchanting blend of the old world and the new. You can travel back to 16th century Spain in the Palacio la Moneda with its courtyard of lemon trees and graceful arched doorways. And in old churches like Santo Domingo, you can experience the splendor of Europe. Yet Santiago is also a thoroughly modern city, boasting great efficiency and enterprise. It also offers tourists many fun opportunities to party and sample its mouthwatering cuisine.

If you are delighted by Old World charm, travel to Boston and see the proud sights of the Revolutionary War along with the classic European roots of American heritage. San Juan is the next stop if you want a more thrilling, zesty Europe experience. Explore the lively Caribbean culture mixed with graceful old world styles. Or you can try out the amazing blend of ancient and modern in the exciting city of Santiago. Whichever you choose, you are sure to have an extraordinary trip and experience the wonders of Europe without the expense or hassle of crossing the ocean. These three cities are the easy way to see Europe this side of the pond.

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