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Group Travel 101

Hottest Wedding Destinations

By: Liz Patterson

If you’re looking for that special touch to make an ordinary wedding extraordinary, the answer to all your questions is this: a destination wedding. A destination wedding is where the wedding party and guests travel to a dream location chosen by the bride and groom. So why have a bland, traditional ceremony when you can make your wedding the most memorable moment of your life? A destination wedding allows you to exchange your vows in a breathtaking location, adding to the romance, beauty, and excitement of the celebration.

There are many popular spots for destination weddings. Choosing the right one can transform your simple ceremony into an experience to cherish forever. Whether a Caribbean beach or a European castle, the location you pick reflects your style and personality.

So which destination will you decide on? Here are some of the hottest locations for weddings:

Lavishly romantic and wonderfully practical, Hawaii is a popular choice for couples. One of the reasons many people pick Hawaii is because there are no passport requirements or international hassles to worry about. This is a definite advantage and reduces cost, stress, and planning. The quality of hotels is also much higher than many other tropical islands.

As well as being affordable and practical, Hawaii is vividly beautiful. Just imagine your wedding on one of the perfect white beaches, with a backdrop of lush green mountains and dazzling blue sky. The weather is ideal no matter what time of the year. Each island – Kauai, Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Oahu, and Lanai – has a flavor and appeal of its own.

As for how to spend your time… well, Hawaii offers just about every water activity you can think of. Scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, jet skiing, and surfing are just a few of the myriad of fun things to do. Helicopter tours of the stunning lava fields and hikes through the verdant mountains are also options if you are feeling adventurous.

Last but not least is the lure of the delicious Hawaiian cuisine. They offer a mouthwatering variety of fresh fruit, a menu of tasty fish, and anything else you could want. And don’t forget the fabulous locally grown coffee!

If you are looking for a practical, yet delightfully romantic destination, Hawaii is the place for you.

If you dream of a beach wedding, but don’t think Hawaii is right for you, take a look at Jamaica. It offers the same sandy beaches, azure skies, tropical forests, and waterfalls. If you love to have some adventure on your honeymoon, go snorkeling in the enchanting, 170-foot deep Blue Hole, or climb to the top of the awe-inspiring Dunn’s River Waterfall. There are many thrills to be had in Jamaica and you will certainly not lack for ways to spend your time.

Jamaica is full of life and excitement. The local music and dancing is great fun and the passion of the Jamaicans. You and your loved one will not run out of enjoyable things to do and gorgeous sights to see. As with Hawaii, the food is excellent and quite a treat.

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