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Group Travel 101

How to Have Fun on Your Family Vacation Without Breaking Your Budget

By: Liz Patterson

In this day and age, saving money where you can is an essential part of life. Because of the tension and concern centered around our economy, many families are choosing to do without their much-loved vacations. However, if you prepare your trip wisely, you can still have fun and travel without breaking your budget. Here are five tips on how to economize and find good deals for your own family vacation.

Tip One: Shop, Shop, Shop
Shopping around and searching all your options will enable you to get the best deals available. There are many costs involved in a vacation. You need to purchase clothing, food, supplies, accommodations, plane tickets, or perhaps a vehicle. If you make it a habit to discover the lowest prices and the best quality, you can save a heap of expenses. Through the internet or the variety of stores in your area, you can purchase your supplies and traveling needs to fit your plan and your budget. So shop, shop, shop until you find the perfect price.

Tip Two: Plan Ahead
Planning ahead and scheduling the dates for your trip is a huge way to save money. The earlier your book your plane tickets and accommodations, the cheaper they will be. Having only a haphazard, ambiguous idea of when you want to go on your vacation will only lead to chaos and a lot of last-minute purchases. But when you have a set itinerary you can plan at your leisure and have plenty of time to shop around until you find the best deal.

Tip Three: Be Flexible
Although this sounds like a direct contradiction to the last tip, they go hand-in-hand, really. You should have a scheduled plan in your head and an itinerary. However, things always change and you may find out at the last minute that a side-trip to a nearby waterfall is much more fun and affordable than the tour of the museum that you had planned. Being flexible and willing to change your plans at times will help you save money and economize during your family vacation.

Tip Four: Pick the Best Time
Although everyone loves to travel around the holidays, airfare and accommodations will invariably be much higher during those times. Plan wisely and schedule your trip for a time besides ‘tourist season’. Not only will it be calmer and more enjoyable for you, but you will get far better deals on traveling expenses.

Tip Five: Work With an Agent
Last but not least comes one of the best options you can choose: a travel agent. Working with a travel agent will save you time, energy, stress, and money. An agent is an extremely helpful source of information and can tell you all about how to find good travel deals and how to plan your trip the best. With their help and expertise, you can design a vacation to suit your family so you all get the most enjoyment and fun out of it.

If you keep in mind these five tips, not only will you be able to travel despite the economic situation, but you will create an exciting and memorable vacation for your family.

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