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Group Travel 101

Incredible Iceland Travel

By: Liz Patterson

Iceland, though off the beaten path of most tourism, is a memorable and exciting travel destination. With its wildly impressive landscapes, magnificent glaciers, and fun, welcoming culture, Iceland is an incredible experience waiting to be explored. Less than a five-hour flight away from New York, Iceland is also relatively close for U.S.A. travelers, and even closer for European travelers. So why should you take a look at Iceland when planning your next trip? There are a myriad of reasons why, but we’ll just check out a few.

A Rejuvenating Reykjavik Vacation

Here in the country’s capital city of Reykjavik, you will find a variety of wonderful opportunities and experiences. First of all there is the charming city itself. More of a village than a city, it is often lovingly called Iceland’s “biggest little city.” No matter how large Reykjavik grows, it still retains its welcoming, safe, clean, and enchanting atmosphere. Sample delicious food in one of the many gourmet restaurants this city offers, or stroll through the streets lined by bright houses. The city is made for walking and is a delightful place to explore. But just because Reykjavik seems to be a cozy, overgrown village, it boasts every modern convenience of most sophisticated cities.

But the appeal of a vacation to Reykjavik lies in the opportunities to enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature. Just a fifteen-minute drive outside of the city you will find yourself in a whole new world of exquisite and captivating charm. Explore green meadows, frothy geysers, geothermal hot springs, fantastic glaciers, cool mountain streams, and bird sanctuaries. Find peace and quiet, or adventure and excitement in Iceland’s amazing landscapes.

Wandering Through the Westfjords

Though sparsely populated, the Westfjords region is one extraordinary destination you will not want to miss. Stay in the main city of Ísafjörður and enjoy cultural activities and embark on tours of the many natural wonders the Westfjords have to offer.

First of all make sure that Látrabjarg is on your list of must-see sights. Látrabjarg is a thirteen-hundred-foot sheer cliff that towers over the ocean. It is also the westernmost point of Europe. An attraction to this awe-inspiring sight is that it is one of the largest seabird colonies in the world and offers a paradise for birdwatchers and ornithologists. Another amazing destination is the waterfall of Dynjandi, which plummets in steps down an impressive mountainside. Dynjandi is a sight that will steal your breath away. You will not want to forget your camera!

Iceland has much, much more to offer, but a good starting place for your tour of the country is the beautiful capital city of Reykjavik. After Reykjavik, head on over to the Westfjords for a wild and captivating trip. Whether you love adventure, peace and quiet, natural wonders, a warm culture, excitement and fun, or a rejuvenating vacation, you will find the fulfillment of your dreams in the phenomenal country of Iceland. Though a destination off the beaten path of many tourists, it is growing in popularity swiftly.

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