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Group Travel 101

Islands Off the Beaten Path

By: Liz Patterson

If you are planning a getaway to an island paradise but want to beat the usual crowds, why not try one of these less well-known islands? Just because they are off the beaten path, it does not mean they are any less exciting, beautiful, or interesting than the usual destinations. In fact, they hold a distinct charm and mystery which enhances your travel experience. So consider one of these amazing islands and take the road less traveled.


Splash along in the crystal waves and bask in the sun on the golden sands in this breathtaking island in the Indian Ocean. In Lamu, Kenya’s oldest living settlement, you will step back in time to a slower and simpler pace of life. Here donkeys are the usual means of transportation in this charming, traditional village. But Lamu offers more than just charm. You can experience exotic wonders while snorkeling in the coral reefs and swimming with winsome dolphins. There are also ancient ruins full of mystery and history begging to be explored by travelers. A trip to beautiful Lamu will not fail to delight and excite you.

Daufuskie Island

Resting a little less than three miles off the shore of South Carolina, Daufuskie Island is a peaceful and private paradise for tourists and golfers alike. Boasting two championship golf courses, tennis courts, an equestrian center, and a spa, this small island getaway will certainly keep you supplied with things to do. Add to these activities also miles of serene white beaches and you can see why Daufuskie Island is a hidden gem. So beat the crowds and have the time of your life on this little island all to yourself.


Though just a short airplane flight or ferry ride away from the other British Virgin Islands, Anegada feels like an secluded patch of piece of heaven where you can escape from crowds and even reality for a few blessed days. Surrounded by the largest coral barrier reef in the Caribbean, Anegada will certainly not lack for sights and wonders to see if you love snorkeling and scuba diving. This island also is a favorite haunt for those who know of it because of its idyllic beaches and gorgeous wildlife. Anegada offers a few hotels to stay in, which boast the best lobster in the Caribbean. Whether it is the best or not, you will certainly be treated to a fabulous cuisine during your stay there.

You do not have to be unsociable or a hermit to want to travel away from the incessant rush and pandemonium of the press of people. Travel is a special and life-changing experience that can be dimmed by chaos and crowds. Savor it with just a few people you love and share these incredible sights in peace and privacy. Whether you choose vibrant Lamu or laid-back Daufuskie Island, you are sure to have a memorable and enjoyable trip to one of these islands off the beaten path.

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