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Group Travel 101

Italian Honeymoon Spots

By: Liz Patterson

Italy, land of music, art, and romance, is the ultimate honeymoon destination for any couple. Whether a stay in grand Venice or a fun and colorful Roman holiday of your own, you will not lack for places to stay, things to do, and sights to see in these top honeymoon cities.


The legendary home of fateful lovers Romeo and Juliet, Verona is a city alive with the beauty of romance. Celebrate your own love story in this classic destination. Among one of the oldest and greatest cities in Italy, Verona boasts a display of ancient Roman artifacts and antiques, as well as magnificent medieval influence. If you stick around the heart of the city, you will be rewarded with a timeless, splendid honeymoon spot full of art, music, and luxury. The outer edges of the city, however, have been greatly affected by modernization and are not as grand as the inner city.


Venice has kept up its reputation as one of the most lavish and elegant cities on earth for years. With its maze of canals, bridges, and opulent buildings, Venice is a magical place waiting to be explored. Cruise down the Grand Canal with your loved one or relax in one of the many world-famous hotels. This enchanting honeymoon spot offers intriguing culture, trendy shopping, delicious cuisine, and extraordinary accommodations. Like Rome and Verona, it is a timeless destination for lovers of beautiful Italy.


Located on the island of Sicily, charming Erice is a fabulous spot for a romantic trip. Erice, or sometimes known as Eryx, is nestled on the mountain Erice in the province of Trapani. Full of churches, legends, history, mystery, and beauty, Erice will not fail to enchant and catch your interest. Explore the city, kick back and relax, or experience the vivid culture of Sicily. No matter what you choose to do, Erice will end up being an ideal honeymoon destination.


No matter what your interests or passions, Rome will have the fulfillment of them. If you love intriguing culture and exciting opportunities for fun, you will not be disappointed. If you are fascinated by history, architecture, art, or music, you will find your heart’s content in the Eternal City. Or if you are simply searching for the most beautiful, the most romantic city to travel to with your loved one, Rome also has the answer. Indulge in your own thrilling Roman holiday by exploring the iconic city, tasting the mouthwatering Italian cuisine, browsing through the trendy stores, or simply sitting at a café in a piazza and sharing a gelato. With both modest and elaborate accommodations available, Rome will fulfill your dreams of luxury or your love of adventure, culture, or beauty.

Italy – the home of passion, music, art, and the expression of beauty – is the ideal spot for your honeymoon. Relax in sunny Erice, treat yourself to the poetry and elegance of Verona, tour grand Venice, or marvel at the splendor of Rome. Whichever you choose, you are sure to create a trip that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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