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Group Travel 101

Italian Island Getaways

By: Liz Patterson

The coast of Italy is peppered with small islands. These little pieces of Mediterranean paradise make for the ideal vacation, tourist destination, or honeymoon. Full of natural beauty, fun activities, great Italian food, and historical intrigue, these islands offer a myriad of amazing opportunities for travelers. So make sure to check out these top Italian island getaways when choosing your special travel destination.

The Island of Capri

Though packed with tourists during the spring and summer, Capri is a once in a lifetime experience waiting to be explored. Indulge yourself in the warmth of the sun, the beauty of the sea, and the romance of the island. Capri boasts a variety of hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Altogether a friendly and charming culture, Capri is an inviting destination for travelers. You can explore the wonderful island, sail and swim around in the waves, or sunbathe on the beach.

The Island of Elba

The third largest island in Italy lies just seven and half miles off the coast at Piombino. Elba is a magnificent and lovely Mediterranean getaway, with its towering mountains and ancient villages. Ringed by sandy beaches and little towns, the island is a quaint and historically significant destination. Though not as glamorous and trendy as Capri or other islands, it is still a popular and fascinating tourist spot.

Vulcano Island

According to Roman mythology, this impressive island was the home of Vulcan, the god of fire. It was also considered the entrance to Hades. The reason for these myths is evident by the three volcanoes looming on the island. The largest one is called Gran Cratere, or the Big Crater, and has not erupted since 1890. You can climb up to its peak and catch your breath at the amazing views of the island and sea. The other two volcanoes are called Vulcanello and Vulcano Piano. But the impressive volcanoes are not the only attraction. Vulcano Island also boasts thermal springs and great sandy beaches perfect for fun and relaxation.

The Island of Montecristo

Made famous by French writer Alexandre Dumas’s novel The Count of Monte Cristo, the island of Montecristo is an enchanting diamond-shaped piece of land forty miles from the coast of Grosseto. In the 1800s, Alexandre Dumas described the island as “fantastic and lonely.” Yet today, the island remains untouched by the progress which has civilized the rest of the world. With no structures but the ruin of an old monastery on its mountainous turf, the wildly poetic island of Montecristo is still windswept, romantic, and serenely quiet. It is open to limited tourist traffic and makes for a relaxing and secluded getaway.

Levanzo Island

Though the smallest among the three Aegadian Islands, Levanzo is popular for its unparalleled natural beauty. Turquoise waves, golden sands, and brilliant green foliage abound on this picturesque island. Levanzo is an idyllic and charming day trip destination. Explore the lovely island, capture memories with your camera, and enjoy the exquisite island paradise.

A tour of Italy’s many dreamy island getaways is a perfect trip for any traveler – from sightseers to honeymooners.

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