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Group Travel 101

Mission Travel Tips

By: Liz Patterson

Before planning your mission trip there are a few things you should know. Check out these helpful tips and save heaps of trouble and time. If you learn from the mistakes others have made, you won’t have to make them yourself! Mission travel can be a stressful experience, or the time of your life. Just stay organized and on top of things, and it will go smoothly.

So what is one of the first things you should keep in mind? It is tickets. Booking your flight tickets early will not only lend stability to your planning, but it will reduce cost significantly. By asking your team members to give a financial deposit to pay for advance tickets, you also cause them to commit to going definitely. This saves a lot of second thoughts and cold feet later on, as well as a deal of stress and last-minute changes.

Scheduling your flights so that you do not have to stay overnight somewhere is a significant advantage cost-wise. It will save you the price of a hotel as well as the hassle of unpacking for the night then loading all the suitcases up again in the morning for the last leg of the journey. Though it depends on where you’re traveling, it is often possible to find a flight schedule that gets you to your destination in one day. And though it will be a long day, it is worth it.

When traveling, there are some safety precautions you have to keep in mind. These considerations are especially important to mission travelers who are entering foreign and unfamiliar countries or cultures. The most crucial precaution is to watch your luggage! Never let it out of your sight and only entrust it to uniformed workers of the airport.

Only check what baggage you must and make sure to carry-on with you all important documents and crucial supplies. There countless stories of checked baggage being lost and the missionaries not receiving it until they are back at home. Don’t let this be you! Be smart and pack a change of clothes, your essential supplies, and your important items in your carry-on bag. That way, should a mix-up of luggage happen, you’ll be able to handle it and survive on your trip.Another precaution is to stick brightly-colored, easy to spot luggage tags on all your bags, even your carry-on. Include your name, address, and phone number. This way, if you lose your carry-on or your suitcase, you will be able to get it back much easier. Also, by using neon colors like orange or yellow or pink, you will be able to spot your bags easily on the luggage conveyor.

If you remember these helpful tips, your mission travel will go smoothly. Instead of a problem-ridden, upsetting trial, it will be a fun and enjoyable experience for all involved. So pack wisely, keep an eye on your luggage, and be prepared for mishaps, because they come to everyone. If you keep your team organized and ready to go, you will avoid a lot of confusion at the airport. Good luck with your mission trip!

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