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Group Travel 101

Orlando Florida - Beyond the Magic Kingdom

By: Liz Patterson

Are you thinking of visiting Florida’s sunny metropolis of Orlando? Most likely the first thing that comes to mind is Disney World. Yet although Orlando is famous as the home of the Magic Kingdom, it offers many other attractions and activities. Disney’s world-famous theme park is a destination in and of itself, and you and your group could spend days there and definitely never experience it all.

But for those interested in something else, do not bypass Orlando. There is more to this vibrant, exciting city than the Magic Kingdom. Just take a look at some of the possibilities and see which of these opportunities for fun, romance, sightseeing, and memory-making is perfect for you.

Enlightenment and Entertainment

Get the best of both worlds at the incredible SeaWorld Orlando – enlightenment and entertainment. A fantastic adventure for the kids, a fun excursion for your tourist group, or even a memorable date, SeaWorld is a place where you can learn the fascinating mysteries of the ocean deep, as well as experience the thrill of its many performances and sights. Encompassing over two hundred acres, SeaWorld is a must-see on any trip to Orlando.

For the Art Lovers

The Orlando Museum of Art is a popular pilgrimage for any art and culture enthusiast. Offering a wide display of prestigious art exhibits, it is a place full of wonders and interesting sights to see. Also, after a few days on the exhilarating thrills of Disney World, we all need a place to catch our breath and enjoy a quiet, but still stimulating experience. The Orlando Museum of Art boasts permanent galleries of American, African, and ancient American art as the highlight of its collections. Another added plus for group travelers is, of course, free parking!

A Whole New Perspective

After the art museum, head on outdoors to enjoy the clear, sunny skies and gorgeous weather. Add a little adventure and spice to your trip to Orlando by checking out the Painted Horizons Hot Air Balloon Tours. Climb into a colorful hot air balloon, and indulge in one of man’s greatest dreams come true: the joy of flying. Soar up into the air and experience a whole new perspective of Orlando and the Magic Kingdom.

Travel Back in Time

Novels, movies, and endless dreams have been devoted to the intriguing and compelling idea of traveling back in time. Well, here in Orlando, you have the chance to finally do so. At Arabian Nights, you can step through the doors and find yourself wandering through the pages of legends and history. Witness the breathtaking and unforgettable sights Arabian Nights offers, as well as taste the extraordinary, award-winning dinners. Here at Arabian Nights, you will find a myriad of of shining costumes, stunning performances, hundreds of magnificent horses. For the traveler wishing to escape reality for a bit and enter a world of chivalry, adventure, and romance, experience Arabian Nights for yourself on your trip to Orlando.

There is much more to Florida’s lively city of Orlando than Disney World. So after you’ve spent some time exploring the Magic Kingdom, don’t head home yet! There are still many places to go, things to do, and sights to see.

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Orlando, Florida: Resorts, Dining, Events & Attractions!

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