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Group Travel 101

Scotland Honeymoon Hotels

By: Liz Patterson

If you have a love for luxurious hotels, breathtaking views, colorful culture, and romantic destinations, Scotland is the perfect place for your honeymoon. There is a variety of castles and hotels to stay in while you explore the wonders of Scotland and spend time with your beloved spouse. So make sure to take a look at these most popular getaways.

Castle Venlaw

Just 22 miles away from the capital city of Edinburgh, is this charming castle hotel. Dating back to the 1700s, Castle Venlaw is a beautiful and atmospheric getaway. The highlight of this destination is strolling around the grounds. Many couples love Castle Venlaw for its beautiful gardens and landscape.

Dalhousie Castle

Set on the banks of the River Esk, amid forested countryside, is the enchanting Dalhousie Castle. For a taste of fine and dramatic dining, have dinner with your spouse in the exquisite Dungeon Restaurant, located in the ancient vaults. Built in the mid-13th century, the Dalhousie Castle is full of rich ambiance and character. Yet it also boasts luxurious modern conveniences like a full spa. Within easy distance of Edinburgh, this castle hotel is a practical, lavish, and appealing destination.

De Vere Cameron House

Overlooking poetic Loch Lomond and the wildly beautiful Scottish hills behind, this 18th century manor house is both wonderfully idealistic yet practical. For it is located just 20 miles from the Glasgow International Airport. This five-star hotel boasts an incredible cuisine and four different restaurants. Other attractions to the De Vere Cameron House are a fantastic golf course and an elaborate spa.

Auchen Castle Hotel

Just imagine 35 acres of serene gardens and lovely woodlands. Nestled in this wonderful park is Auchen Castle, a four-star hotel. Auchen Castle Hotel is located in Dumfries and Galloway, sometimes called the “gateway to Scotland.” You will be treated to breathtaking views over the Moffat Hills along Scotland’s border if you choose to stay in this castle hotel for a comfortable and lushly romantic honeymoon. When it comes to dining, Auchen Castle offers an award-winning restaurant with scenic panoramas of the Upper Annandale Mountains and the lake. Not only can you indulge in a fine cuisine, but also in a feast of nature’s incredible beauty. You don’t need to worry about being cramped when it comes to accommodations. Auchen offers 25 individually styled rooms. 15 are in the castle itself and 10 are in the luxurious lodges surrounding the castle. Whichever you choose you are sure to be provided with an elegant atmosphere, an inspiring view, and a experience you will never forget.

If you are a lover of poetic, inspiring landscapes and historically-rich sites, Scotland is the perfect destination. Or if you are searching for something extraordinary and wildly romantic, you will find it in a castle tucked away in the woods and moors. Yet if you are just in the mood for comfort, relaxation, and a memorable honeymoon, Scotland offers the peace and scenic beauty you wish for. So choose a Scottish hotel for your honeymoon and create an experience of a lifetime.

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