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Group Travel 101

Sensational Summer Destinations

By: Liz Patterson

As traditional tourism season of summer comes, you just can’t help but feel like breaking free of the routine of life and traveling to somewhere new and exciting. So why not plan a summer trip and check out one of these popular getaways. Whether you choose to bask in the sun on a dreamy Italian island or go white-water rafting in the forests of Norway, you will never regret the year you took your summer off to live life and experience the wonder and thrill of travel.


Escape for the summer to the lovely and luxurious island of Capri. One of Italy’s most enchanting destinations, Capri is a picturesque paradise, complete with gorgeous scenery and romantic little villages. Explore the intriguing wonder of the Blue Grotto or simply kick back and relax on the beach. Capri is an ideal place to indulge yourself in natural beauty, comfort and luxury, and warm, charming culture.


Although the typical gloomy and glum London weather often scares away many travelers, in summer London throws off its dull grayness and becomes a delightful and colorful spot. It boasts a plethora of fun festivals and random celebrations to see as well as many activities and opportunities. Wander through the variety of splendid parks where you can tour gardens or have a picnic. When dusk comes, you can relax and watch amazing Shakespeare performances that are presented all through the summer months.

New England

New England – the home of fall foliage – is also a popular summer destination. It is not all just autumn trees, white church steeples, and maple syrup in this part of the country. There are also many exciting opportunities for a refreshing summer vacation here on the East Coast. Laugh and experience the rollicking fun and good food at a lobster fest or clam bake. Or rent a cabin on the coast and spend your time sailing and splashing around in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Or explore Provincetown, with its blend of old-fashioned historical appeal and up-and-coming modern night life. Wherever you choose to go in New England, fantastic summer adventures wait for you.


Scandinavian winters may repel all travelers except those looking for wild adventure, but Scandinavian summers are a time of sightseeing, fun, and vacationing. The five countries making up Scandinavia – Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland – are full of activities waiting to be explored. Go hiking, biking, or white-water rafting in the wild forests of Norway. Bring your camera because you will definitely want to capture the breathtaking beauty of the landscape. Or you can head over to Copenhagen for festivals and other fun opportunities. If you love rich nightlife, friendly culture, and plenty of good food, make sure that Reykjavik, Iceland, is on your list of destinations. Scandinavia offers plenty of adventures and treats for every traveler.

Whether you soak in the sun at Capri, watch Shakespeare in a London park, or explore breathtaking Scandinavia, you will end up having an amazing and memorable summer. So choose on of these sensational summer spots and experience the thrill of travel.

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