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Group Travel 101

Spring Spots

By: Liz Patterson

If you are wondering where to go to make this spring a season you will never forget, take a look at some of these top spring spots. These popular destinations offer a variety of fun, relaxation, excitement, and sights to see. So start planning a spring trip and get ready to celebrate after the long months of winter. Have a wild and fantastic spring break, or enjoy a quiet, refreshing vacation before the busyness of summer. Wherever you choose to go, and whatever you decide to do, one of these great cities will be the perfect destination for you.


Paris is the ultimate spring destination. When this beautiful season comes, the city goes all out to celebrate. Beat the usual flood of summer tourists and higher summer prices, by traveling to this iconic city earlier in the year. Paris is at its finest and most enchanting at this time of year. Relax at a charming sidewalk café, people watch and gossip, and enjoy the sights and sounds. Or take a baguette and some wine and have a picnic in one of the many exquisite, manicured city parks. Paris is full of luxurious and splendid opportunities to enjoy yourself and delight in the beauty of the City of Lights.


A trip to this Turkish metropolis will certainly be one adventure you will not want to miss. If you love fascinating sights, colorful culture, and a destination full of history and mystery, Istanbul is the perfect spring spot for you. Istanbul is an intriguing, captivating blend of Western influence, modern convenience, and rich Byzantine history. One of the top reasons to travel here in the springtime is that the weather takes a pleasant turn after the harsh winter months and makes tourism far easier. Also, as with Paris, crowds and prices are much lower than in the summertime.


Where could spring be more wonderfully and colorfully displayed than in the Netherlands, the world’s most famous tulip-producing country? A trip to Amsterdam in April and May is rewarded by a lovely feast of color and flowers. However, there is more to this city than just flowers. The inviting spring weather allows for a great deal of exploration around the city. You can wander through the hundreds of bridges or take a boat down one of the canals and experience the sights of the city in that fun and memorable way.


In the spring, Tokyo’s weather calms and gives tourists a perfect opportunity to experience this vivid city. Full of exquisite gardens and spectacular ancient temples, Tokyo is a sightseer’s dream come true. Visit Ueno Park, a popular spring spot for tourists and locals alike. Spread out a blanket under one of the beautiful cherry trees, relax, and have fun. Once nightfall comes, thousands of lanterns light up, bathing the park in a magical, romantic atmosphere. Tokyo is an incredible destination for a traveler searching for fun, adventure, relaxation, luxury, or wonders to see.

So choose one of these fabulous spring destinations and set out on a beautiful and enjoyable travel experience.

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