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Group Travel 101

The Fine Line Between Suicide and Fun

By: Liz Patterson

Some people may think you’ve crossed the fine line between suicide and fun when you decide to go shark diving off the coast of South Africa or heli-skiing in Alaska. Though rather insane, these challenging activities will be the unforgettable highlight of your life and will thrill you like nothing else. Extreme travel such as this is an experience you will not want to miss and that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You will end up either making history or having the most incredible stories to tell grandchildren someday. So if you really want to live your life and discover all of what our crazy world has to offer, check out some of these wildly fun activities.


Heli-skiing is where you are transported by helicopter to places inaccessible by ski lifts. These wild and woolly slopes are full of untouched snow, breathtaking views, and steep mountainsides. For ski enthusiasts, this is the pinnacle of the skiing experience. There is an amazing sense of wonder at being one of the only skiers to brave the mountainside and to look out from jaw-dropping heights to see the world laid out like a map below you. Heli-skiing, though certainly more dangerous than the bunny slope, is manageable to skilled skiers and will be a life-changing adventure they will never regret. The top destination for heli-skiing is the Chugach mountain range in Alaska, where you will tackle the Chugach’s 13,000-foot peak.


If you can’t wait for winter to arrive before you hit the slopes, take a look at sandboarding instead. The most popular destination for this new sport is Cerro Blanco near the Andes mountain range in Peru. Sandboarders will go crazy for a chance to try out these monstrous dunes and feel the adrenaline rush. If Peru is out of the question, just try surfing the dunes at a beach near you. Though the slope may not be as long, the thrill will be just as fun.


In Ruakuri Cave, part of the astonishing Waitomo cave system in New Zealand, you can rappel down cliffs, explore murky caves, see subterranean waterfalls, and go rafting in the underground rapids. This is certainly an adventure not to be missed. Full of mystery, intrigue, wild beauty, and exhilarating fun, the Waitomo cave system in New Zealand is an enchanting destination for any extreme traveler.

Shark Diving

Off the coast of Cape Point, South Africa, you can see blue sharks up close. This fascinating experience is one that will never fail to astonish and impact you. The indescribable beauty of the ocean and the intriguing wonder of observing the sharks are priceless. So head on down to South Africa and put on your wet suit, for an amazing thrill is waiting to be had.

Though people may say that these adventures push the limit between suicide and fun, it is just to tease you. In reality, these activities are meticulously supervised and prepared by professionals and experts who have taken every available precaution to ensure your safety. All you have to do is keep your wits about you and go along for the ride of your life. Whether spelunking in New Zealand or sandboarding in Peru, you are sure to make fantastic memories you will hold onto for the rest of your life.

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