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Group Travel 101

Top Five Places to Go in Austria

By: Liz Patterson

Beautiful Austria, home of splendid ski slopes, delicious food, fantastic fun, incredible natural beauty, and a vibrant culture. Whether you dream of dancing the Viennese Waltz, or of hiking through the Alps, Austria will offer you the fulfillment of your wishes. Austria is a wonderfully progressive country, yet still deeply rooted in tradition. You can stay in chic modern hotels or charming villas; see glittering cities, or serene meadows, depending on your plans. Whatever you choose to do and wherever you choose to go, you are in for a delightful and memorable trip. So how do you decide where to begin? Why don’t you take a look at these top five cities?


The capital city of Austria, Vienna is a beloved destination for many travelers. Known for its colorful, elegant, welcoming, and wonderful culture, Vienna is a place of music, art, and romance. With a fine variety of mansions, cathedrals, museums, and galleries to explore, any tourist will not lack for things to do. Vienna is swiftly becoming the new Paris. It certainly boasts just as many exquisite restaurants. In the city’s central market, the Naschmarkt, which dates back to the 18th century, you will find restaurants offering not only Austrian dishes but the cuisines of countries all around the world. It is a bright, colorful place where you can travel round the world in one day.


Dating all the way back to the days of the Roman Empire, Innsbruck is an ancient and historically significant city, nestled in a beautiful Inn Valley. While in Innsbruck, you can explore the splendid and fascinating buildings that the city offers. First and foremost, there is the magnificent and elegant Hofburg Palace. Then head on over to the historic core of the city and see all the exquisite old buildings. Another appeal of Innsbruck is that is the unofficial capital of snowboarding in Europe. The Winter Olympic Games have been hosted on Innsbruck’s perfect slopes twice. If you love the adventure of winter sports, or the intrigue of history, Innsbruck offers sights and activities to interest you.


The city of Salzburg is a picturesque, enchanting place full of streets perfect for strolling through, colorful houses to see, and wonderful castles to tour. Make sure to take a look at some of the many churches, monasteries, palaces, and impressive structures that are tucked away in Salzburg. As well as architecture, art, and history, Salzburg is also a city of music. Famous composer and musical genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born here.


Also a city dating back to Roman times, Bregenz is the capital of the Austrian state of Vorarlberg. Bregenz originated as a military fort, but has blossomed over the years into a beautiful and charming city. Now home to twenty-seven thousand people, Bregenz is a sizeable city and a popular tourist destination. Its population is multiplied exponentially by travelers every season, who come to see the city and experience the exciting festivals and events.


The second largest city in Austria, Linz is home to around two hundred thousand people. It is a well-known tourist spot for a variety of reasons. Annually, it becomes a giant city-wide celebration for the fascinating Bruckner Festival and the Ars Electronica, a fair dedicated to technology and contemporary electronic art. Known for its beautiful museum of modern art, Linz is a thoroughly progressive and contemporary city, and an interesting contrast to the more ancient and traditional cities like Innsbruck and Bregenz.

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