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Group Travel 101

Travel Smart

By: Liz Patterson

For months you have been planning and saving and now you finally are setting off on your vacation. Excited and eager, you peer through the airport windows to catch a glimpse of the marvelous place you have never seen before. A few minutes later, you glance down at your bags and gasp. They were there a minute ago… what happened?

When traveling, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the moment and forget important safety precautions. But if you keep in mind these guidelines and travel smart, you will not have to worry about misfortunes or accidents.

The number one rule of travel safety is to be aware of your surroundings. Watch out for unusual or out-of-place things, like someone staring at you or your luggage. If you are alert and attentive, you can often prevent mishaps or at least react quickly should anything unfortunate occur. Always pay attention to your supplies, luggage, sports equipment, or anything of value that you bring. If you follow just this one rule, your trip will be much more secure. However, there are other safety measures that are wise to take.

One of the most important precautions is to carry-on as much of your supplies as you can. There are just too many stories of checked bags getting misplaced or routed to the wrong destinations. If your bag gets lost, you most likely won’t get it back for weeks. That is why you should check only what you absolutely have to. Make sure you have a change of clothes and other necessities in your carry-on bag with you just in case your checked bags end up taking a long detour!

Another critical safety guideline is to always keep your luggage in sight when you are traveling and at the airport. It can completely ruin your vacation if that one suitcase that is all you have to live out of for days or weeks is stolen. So never leave your luggage unattended and do not let it out of your sight. Though this may seem a bit paranoid, it is a highly recommended precaution that will prevent a deal of disasters.

In group travel there is one more important rule which is simply to stick together. I know what it is like to want some time to yourself when you’re tired, not feeling well, or simply overwhelmed. However it is never smart to go off alone in a strange place. Make sure you take one or two people with you. A lone person presents an easy target for thieves or molesters. However, if you are in a group, no matter how small, it adds safety. If you are a girl, try to find a male escort if you are going somewhere far away from the rest of the group. Even if your escort isn’t tall and intimidating, the mere fact that he is male will warn off many potential threats or hassles.

Though there are risks when traveling, the fun of seeing new places and experiencing new adventures far outweighs it. So keep these safety measures in mind and enjoy your trip!

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