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Group Travel 101

Unforgettable Education

By: Liz Patterson

Is there something more dreaded by kids than the idea of sitting at a desk for hours every day? You remember all those agonizingly boring school days, listening to your teacher just enough to be able to answer questions the forgetting every word by the time you are out the door. Even if you were an A-plus student and liked learning, wouldn’t you have rather experienced things for yourself instead of read about them in a bland textbook?

No matter what kind of student you are, educational travel will bring learning alive and make it more fun than you could ever have imagined. There is no better way to remember things than to experience them yourself. When it comes to educational travel, this is exactly what you are doing. For instance, instead of reading about Monet in art class, travel to the Getty Center in Los Angeles and see some of his paintings with your own eyes.

If you are looking for ways to make education absolutely unforgettable, take a look at educational travel. There is a vast array of destinations for you to consider. No matter what you want to learn, there will be a place to visit to make the experience so much richer and memorable.

For astronomy class, visit some famous planetariums and observatories and have a blast staring through telescopes and learning about the space. For history, travel to museums or historical sites. Especially if you are studying American history, there is a host of affordable options available to you. See Colonial Virginia, or ride a wagon train in Montana, or explore Washington D.C. Educational travel for art class can be very fascinating. Examine the works of the greatest artists in history up close in a museum or art gallery.

When it comes to geography, what better way to learn about a culture than to experience it for yourself? Instead reading about the highlands of Scotland, travel there yourself and make a memory you will never forget. Rather than looking at pictures of Central America, immerse yourself in the culture and learn in exciting and vivid ways. Although I do not recommend traveling to the Middle East or Africa with a student, just about anywhere in the world has amazing sights and activities to offer. From Alaska to Hawaii, or Belize to Germany, wherever you travel will be a trip full of hands-on learning, enchanting new things to see, and extraordinary fun.

Educational travel is the most vivid way to make learning come alive. You and your students will cherish the memories of your trips for the rest of your life and never forget the things they learned. Observing different cultures and seeing new places gives a young person a fuller perspective on life and causes them to appreciate their own home all the more. Instead of dreading school and trudging through classes half-asleep, give students adventures that will inspire them to learn all they can and excel in both school and life.

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