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Group Travel 101

United States Family Travel Destinations

By: Liz Patterson

Are you wondering where to travel on your next family vacation? With so many choices, how do you decide? Let me help you by listing some great family travel destinations. Just take a look at these locations and see if one is the perfect place for your trip.

If you are longing for breathtaking scenery and bright, beautiful beaches, Hawaii is definitely the destination for you. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, including snorkeling, scuba diving, backpacking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, jet skiing, surfing, and sailing. Of course these are only a few of the variety of fun things to do that Hawaii offers. If you are planning more of a relaxing vacation, what could be more luxurious than lounging on a sunny beach and listening to the waves? Hawaii is a very versatile place and will be the perfect location whether you want extreme adventure or peace and quiet.

The utter opposite from Hawaii would be Alaska. No snorkeling or sitting on warm beaches here, but there are still a myriad of ways to have fun. Alaska is a wonderful place to travel to because of its majestic scenery, interesting wildlife, and great opportunities for hiking. You can also travel on a ship and indulge yourself in the luxury of a cruise. There are a variety of different cruises you can take, depending on what you are most interesting in seeing in Alaska. One exciting option is a glacier cruise, where you tour all the breathtaking glaciers and see the vivid scenery of Alaska.

New York
If you are considering traveling to New York, I suggest you go in the winter. New York is magical with snow lining the streets and holiday lights sparkling. There are so many amazing things to see during the holiday season in New York. Watch ice skaters, shop through the variety of tantalizing stores, or see Sugar Plum Fairies at Lincoln Center. Whatever you choose to do, it will be a fun and enchanting memory to keep with you for the rest of your life.

Perhaps Hawaii or New York is just too elaborate for your taste and budget. Have you thought of Montana? Though not your first thought when planning a family vacation, Montana does offer a host of activities and sights. Even just driving down the highway with the legendary vast Montana sky stretching out above you is a treat in itself. There are many historical activities to do that will be both fun and educational. You can learn all about dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Trail or explore the Taylor Planetarium and learn about space. Take a trip back in time and ride on a wagon train, or visit a ghost town. If you want a vacation full of fascinating sights and fun adventures, Montana is just the place for you.

Check out Hawaii, Alaska, New York, or Montana when planning your family vacation and experience these intriguing destinations for yourself. By choosing one of these locations you can have an exciting family vacation without having to leave the country.

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