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Group Travel 101

What About Sweden?

By: Liz Patterson

There’s Switzerland. There’s Scotland. There’s Spain. We dream about travel and envision ourselves strolling down a street in Paris, or basking on a Mediterranean beach, or speeding down ski slopes in the Alps. But what about Sweden? With so many other more popular travel destinations, we often forget about the rather large bit of European land that is called Sweden. Right there on the top of Europe, to the right of Norway, and to the left of Finland, there is a place full of opportunity, excitement, adventure, and scenery to take your breath away. So why should you choose Sweden for your next travel destination? Let me show you three reasons why.

Adventurous Accommodations: the Ice Hotel

Sweden certainly offers a chance of a lifetime for any traveler with a sense of romance and adventure. Why stay in any old hotel, when you can spend the night in a real life fairytale ice castle? Warmer than its name implies, the Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland, is an intriguing and exotic destination. Sleep wrapped in down-filled sleeping bags, thick reindeer skins, and a fuzzy wool hat as you listen to the wonderfully serene silence of the peaceful Ice Hotel. You will stay plenty warm bundled up and are in for a beautiful, visually-exquisite experience of a lifetime. The Ice Hotel boasts a fabulous way to see the Northern Lights as they dance their dazzling, breathtaking display across the vast night sky. Warm up inside at the Icebar, with any drink you could want. Here in the romantic, fantastical wonder of the iridescent blue walls and the glow of the ice you will make magical memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

Spectacular Slopes: a Skiers Paradise

Out in the awe-inspiring peace of the rugged wilderness’s edge, you will find the most magnificent ski slopes you have ever seen. Gaze at the mountains cascading down to the forest-filled valleys through the window of the ski resort as you sip a cup of hot cocoa. Then strap on your snowboard or ski, because it’s time to hit the slopes. For any winter sports enthusiasts it will love at first sight when they arrive at the spectacular slopes of Sweden, in particular Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in the country. In 2007, Sweden hosted the Alpine Skiing World Championships and was recognized for its fabulous slopes.

Captivating Culture: the City of Stockholm

In the capital city of Stockholm, travelers and tourists will find a colorful and captivating culture, an intriguing history, and many opportunities for fun and excitement. Known as one of the most beautiful cities in all of Scandinavia, Stockholm dates back to the 14th century and is a wonderful blend of antique charm and modern style. Explore the city that spans both the Swedish mainland and fourteen islands in the Baltic Sea. Stockholm is famous for its fabulous shopping opportunities. So ‘shop till you drop,’ as the saying goes. If some of the guys get a little bored, don’t worry. The city is also known for its mouthwatering cuisine and vibrant nightlife.

The Ice Hotel, skiing, and Stockholm are just three of the most of reasons to consider Sweden as your next destination. I know that Spain, Switzerland, and Scotland are all more familiar and perhaps appealing, but you will not have truly lived until you have experience the rugged adventure and extraordinary romance that is Sweden. So give this unexpectedly idea travel destination a try and visit Sweden!

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