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Group Travel 101

What Is a Destination Wedding?

By: Liz Patterson

Dreaming of a beautiful and romantic wedding? An experience that both you and your guests will never forget? Perhaps you see yourself on a breathtaking beach in the Caribbean, exchanging your vows with your loved one amidst palm trees and aquamarine waves. Maybe you’ve been imagining a fairytale castle in Europe where you can pretend to be royalty for the most special day of your life. The sky is the limit when it comes to planning your perfect wedding day. But if you have a love for extraordinary experiences and gorgeous locations, a destination wedding is just the thing for you.

So what exactly is a ‘destination wedding’?

It is where you let your own creativity characterize your special day. A destination wedding is where the bride and groom pick a special location and decide to have their ceremony there. The wedding party and guests then travel to the place and blend vacation with celebration. Many couples choose to travel to Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico, or South America for their wedding. The South Pacific or Europe are other popular ideas too. It is the perfect way to celebrate your marriage with a day you will never forget.

Why would you choose a destination wedding?

Though at first glance, a destination wedding seems extravagant and unrealistic, they can be a very practical choice. If you plan right, you can actually save thousands of dollars by going with a destination wedding instead of traditional wedding. And it adds a spark of imagination and romance to have your ceremony in a place you have always dreamed of.

Many couples choose to travel to an exotic location for their wedding because many guests have to come from out of the country anyway. If they’re going to the trouble of travelling, why not go somewhere new and exotic? Doesn’t it seem a little anti-climactic to have to pack up everything and go home while the bride and groom head off on an exciting honeymoon? This way the people you love – your family and friends – get to enjoy a little travel and adventure as well.

It is also a popular solution to a problem that is presented if the bride and groom are from separate states or countries and can’t decide whose hometown to have the ceremony in. A destination wedding is an option that makes everyone happy and transforms a simple exchange of vows into an experience of a lifetime.

Perhaps you are wondering if the difficulty of planning such a huge endeavor is worth it. Let me just say this: you will not regret it. Your wedding is the celebration of the most important and beautiful relationship in your life. It is the day you begin your life together. In the years to follow, when times get tough as they always do, you will be able to look back at your wedding day and remember the excitement of newlywed romance.

So choose a destination wedding and have your journey together begin in paradise.

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