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Group Travel 101

Why Choose Norway?

By: Liz Patterson

Why Norway? You glance down at the world map and see tons of other countries spread out in a colorful display in front of you. Norway is a small European country to the left of Sweden. With other names like Switzerland, England, France, Italy, and Ireland, Norway doesn’t really catch your eye. However, this exquisite country makes for an ideal travel destination. Whether you love adventure, relaxation, sightseeing, or gorgeous scenery, or an exciting blend of them all, Norway is perfect for you. This off-the-beaten path destination offers a wide variety of amazing experiences to explore and wonderful memories to create.

Reason One: There’s Breathtaking Beauty

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘life is not the breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away.’ If you are a traveler and thrill-seeker looking to experience the wonder of such moments, head over to Norway for an opportunity of a lifetime. Wrap up in warm, furry coats and bring mugs of hot chocolate as you watch a fantastic natural light show. Better than anything you will ever find engineered by man, the wild and majestic display of the Northern Lights will not fail to delight and astonish you. Exotic and bright swirls of color dance in the vivid sky for your pleasure. Northern Lights are at their best in the months of October, February, and March. It’s also best to make sure it isn’t a night of a full moon because the light will dim the show of colors. Cruise along the coast of Norway or go on a snowmobiling excursion to see the great Northern Lights. There are many other viewing options but those are two of the most exciting ways. Whatever you choose, you are in for an experience of a lifetime watching the breathtaking beauty of Norway’s sky.

Reason Two: There’s Awesome Adventure

Hit the slopes in the fabulous winter wonderland and enjoy some great skiing and snowboarding. Norway offers a variety of different skiing activities from cross-country skiing to Alpine skiing. If you are the adventurous traveler you can try ‘snow-kiting’, a thrilling mix of hang gliding and skiing. Swish and swoop down the mountainsides reveling in the snowy breeze and the incredible views of the landscape. It doesn’t matter if you are just a beginner skier or snowboarder. You can take lessons and have loads of fun learning this popular sport. Or if you are more of a pro you can test your skill on the challenging slopes and dangerous snow-kiting trips.

Add to these two marvelous reasons a bright culture, fascinating museums, a great cuisine, and many luxurious hotels and resorts. This is why you should consider Norway for your next trip. Though perhaps not the first country you think of when musing over travel destinations, Norway is a captivating and wildly fun spot with much to offer every traveler. Whether you love relaxing and watching the breathtaking beauty of the Northern Lights or speeding down the slopes and experiencing the awesome adventure, Norway is the destination for you.

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Norway: Resorts, Dining, Events & Attractions!

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