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Group Travel 101

Winter Escapes

By: Liz Patterson

Sometimes we all need to escape from the winter blues. Don’t let the cold season get you down! There are many destinations around the world that are perfect for winter getaways. Whether you love adventure  and beautiful scenery or wonderful peace and relaxation, these popular places will not fail to delight you and make your winter a special and memorable season. So check out these top three destinations and start planning your winter escape today.


Belize is growing swiftly in popularity as a fabulous all-year destination. Whether you travel in summer or winter, Belize offers a wide variety of activities. You can bask in the sizzling sun on a beach and gaze out over the turquoise ocean, or you can trek through rainforests and explore caves. Both thrilling adventure and peaceful relaxation can be found in this small, but lively country in Central America. Scuba dive in the incredible Blue Hole, climb breathtaking Mayan ruins, tour interesting zoos, or wander along the sandy streets of tourist island Caye Caulker. Whatever mood you are in this winter, Belize is sure to have what you wish for. Colorful culture, warm, wonderful weather, and exciting adventure make it an ideal destination for those wanting to escape the dreariness of winter.


What could be more perfect than a trip to the iconic beach getaway of Hawaii? Experience the delights of exotic flowers, delicious fresh fruit, amazing scenery, and luxurious sunny beaches. This paradise, like Belize, has much to offer. Skydiving, hiking up volcanoes, snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, and trekking through vibrant rainforests are some of the many thrills waiting to be explored on these islands. Or for the more serene traveler, you can delight in the warm and colorful culture of the islands, sample the mouthwatering cuisine, relax on the beautiful beaches, and splash in the ocean waves. If you are looking to escape for a while from the cold of winter, come to Hawaii to get as close to heaven as you can on earth.


How about an Antarctic cruise this winter? Wait a minute. Isn’t this article all about escaping winter? Yes, but look at it this way. A trip to Antarctica will undoubtedly cure any winter blues you have, because it will make any other place on earth seem like Hawaii compared to the wild and rugged winter wonderland of this extreme destination. Antarctica is becoming quite the popular destination and over twenty thousand tourists brave the elements each year to see breathtaking scenery, magnificent glaciers, adorable penguins, and other exotic wildlife. Also, Antarctica is only accessible in the winter, because their seasons are flipped. Our winter is their ‘summer’. So head on over to astonishing Antarctica for a trip of a lifetime sure to cure any winter blues you have.

If the cold dreariness of winter is you getting you down, don’t worry! Just try out one of these fantastic winter destinations this season. Kick back and relax on the incredible beaches of Hawaii or Belize, or go for a more wild and wooly winter by taking an Antarctic cruise.

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