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Group Travel 101

Your Own Icelandic Adventure

By: Liz Patterson

Iceland is a destination of adventure. In history, it was a wild, rugged land invaded by Vikings. In literature, it is the legendary entrance to the center of the earth, according to Jules Verne. Now for you, it can be one fantastic, action-packed vacation. Yes, you can stroll through charming villages, picnic in grassy meadows, and lounge around on a whale watching cruise. But there is much more to this incredible land than just laid-back normal tourism. A trip to Iceland is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience excitement and amazing adventures that you will not find anywhere else on earth. So if you love travel with the flair and spice of intriguing activities, take a look at Iceland for your next destination.

First of all, there is river rafting. If you love thrilling excursions, head out onto the swirling glacial waters that plummet down the rocky terrain on a headlong race to the sea. Bundle up warm, grab a paddle, remember a life jacket, and be ready to have a blast. Wet, wild, and tons of fun, river rafting is a popular activity in Iceland. There are many different routes you can take, varying in intensity according to your experience and skill.

Another main attraction Iceland offers is skiing and snowboarding. Here on the fantastic slopes ski-enthusiasts can experience thrills to their heart’s delight. Iceland boasts a variety of ski resorts. The most popular spots are Blafjoll, which is near Reykjavik, and Hlidarfjall, which is close to Akureyri. If you are planning on skiing or snowboarding during your Iceland trip, make sure to go sometime between December and April.

Iceland is also famous for their horses. When the Vikings came over a thousand years ago, they brought their sturdy horses with them. Proud of their horses, they were meticulous that the breed would remain pure. Now, the Icelandic horses are still the same strong, resilient, and intelligent animals they were centuries ago. Despite their toughness, these horses are gentle and friendly, perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Whether you are a horse-lover or not, the opportunity to embark on a guided tour of Iceland’s impressive landscapes will be a memorable and incredible adventure. Ride through verdant meadows, along steep mountain trails, or across rocky lava fields. From horseback you can gain a whole new view of the beautiful and extraordinary wonders of nature.

If you are not already worn out by rafting, skiing, and horseback riding, a hiking trip through Iceland is an exciting option. Feel the triumph and satisfaction of crossing the fantastic terrain on your own two feet. Pack right, dress warm, and hire a guide while you explore Iceland.

All throughout history and literature, Iceland is a place of adventure. Even now today it is a land brimming with opportunities to live life in a dramatic and memorable way. If you choose Iceland as your next travel destination, don’t forget to bring a camera because you are bound to create marvelous memories that you will treasure forever.

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