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Group Travel 101

Your Trip to Stockholm

By: Liz Patterson

Are you longing for somewhere different and fascinating for your next trip? The perfect destination for you is Scandinavia. Full of adventure and charm, any trip to Scandinavia is a wonderful, memorable experience. So go somewhere off the beaten path, and see somewhere besides Paris and Rome. When planning you own trip to Scandinavia, make sure Stockholm is the highlight of your vacation.

In Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm, travelers and tourists will find a colorful and captivating culture, an interesting history, and many opportunities for fun and excitement. Known as one of the most beautiful cities in all of Scandinavia, Stockholm dates back to the 14th century and is a wonderful blend of modern flair and ancient charm. Explore the city that spans both the Swedish mainland and fourteen islands in the Baltic Sea. Stockholm is famous for its fabulous shopping opportunities. So ‘shop till you drop,’ as the saying goes. If some of the guys get a little bored, don’t worry. The city is also known for its mouthwatering cuisine and vibrant nightlife. Any trip to Scandinavia and Sweden in particular, should definitely include a tour of this intriguing city.


First of all, when in Stockholm, it is essential that you treat yourself to a spa. Because of the city’s close ties to the water, there are naturally a variety of spas and saunas. Swimming and spa treatments are a popular Swedish activity. So indulge in a massage, a spa, or simply go swimming in one of the many traditional bath houses. Enjoy yourself on your trip to Stockholm, and relax after a busy day of shopping, exploring, sailing, or whatever pastimes you choose.


As for activities, Stockholm offers a variety of fun things to do. One of the most popular adventures is a kayak tour of the city. There’s no more memorable way to see Stockholm than from a kayak. Have a blast paddling between all the city’s islands, then head on ashore to relax and enjoy some fabulous food. Kayaking around the city’s little host of islands is an experience you will not want to miss and makes for a great family excursion, or a fun activity for any group to share.


If you come in during the wintertime and the waterways freeze over, a wonderful and unique opportunity is ice skating around the city. Stockholm locals eagerly anticipate these frosty days when they can get out their skates and glide around the city. Ice skating is a fantastic way to create memories, see the city, and have fun.


Last but not least, there are the culinary adventures to be had. Stockholm boasts a delightful array of restaurants and cafés where you can sample not only the delicious Swedish cooking, but cuisines from all around the world. Being right on the water, you can expect a tasty variety of seafood.

All in all, Stockholm is the highlight of Scandinavia and is the perfect destination for any traveler wanting something a little different from the traditional tourist spots. This exciting city has so much to offer, with great activities and a wonderful culture to experience and discover.

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