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Your Group is Expecting A Great Travel Experience, So Now Is The Time To Let Us Make Your Trip Hassle Free And Affordable!
Across the state or across the world, having a group travel expert arrange your travel will save you time and money, and eliminate the stress! Because GET GROUP TRAVEL understands that, when it comes to your group’s happiness, staying in the wrong part of town, a bad hotel, or having the group separated on your flight is the last thing you want – and our experts will make sure that doesn’t happens.

We are experts at arranging group travel in the US and worldwide for

Fraternal OrganizationsSenior Travel GroupsVeterans & Military GroupsSocial Travel ClubsBoy Scout TroopsBooster Clubs
When It’s Your Group’s Trip On The Line,
Isn’t Is Great To Have An Expert Helping?
For more than 30 years GROUP TRAVEL SPECIALISTS experts have created memorable and pleasant travel experiences for group’s with a wide variety of needs. Our group travel experts work hard to ensure the comfort and safety of your group, so that your trip is everything you planned it to be. Call us and let us help you arrange your trip!

We’ll help you plan and book trips that meet all the details and requirements of your group. You’ll save time and money, because we research all options for our groups and give you pricing based on the lowest possible airfares with the least amount of connections and layovers, and hotel rates based on your group’s size.

We’ll also help you keep your group together by requesting seat blocks with airlines to ensure our groups are seated together as a group and not scattered all over the plane. And, you’ll get access to upgrades, perqs, and freebies, because group travel specialists will negotiate on your behalf for free airline tickets, upgrades to business class, obtaining frequent flyer miles, free rooms etc.

So, whether you’re taking a group of friends on an Alaskan cruise, lodge members on a tour of Europe, or a Boy Scout Troop to summer camp the travel details don’t have to become challenging or overwhelming. Because simple or complex, GROUP TRAVEL SPECIALISTS will save money and help you avoid problems.

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