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No More Worries - Complex Group Travel Made Easy!

At Get Group Travel we will easily and affordably arrange your group travel so you succeed and save! ...let us show you how you can say goodbye to all the wasted time, money, and hassles! It's easy, simply CONTACT US TODAY by filling out the form below and one of our team members will contact you ASAP. Discover the benefits and peace of mind you'll receive when you allow specialists with almost 30 years of experience, to arrange all of your group's travel needs for you!

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Student & Educational Travel

You’re Focused On Making It The Learning Experience Of A Lifetime, Now Is The Time To Let Us Make The Travel Hassle Free And Affordable!

Whether it’s across the country or across the globe, having a student travel expert arrange your group’s travel needs will save you time, money, and stress! Because GET GROUP TRAVEL understands that, when it comes to your students or staff, staying at low quality accommodations in bad areas, wasting precious time because you’re too far outside of the city, or dealing with a poorly planned itinerary and bad meals is the last thing you want on your trip. And our experts will make sure that never happens.

We are experts at arranging educational group travel to both US And international locations worldwide for

  • Student Travel Tours
  • Student Volunteer Trips
  • Class Field Trips
  • K-12 Educational Travel
  • Teacher Conferences
  • Student Cruises

When It Comes To Arranging Student Travel, Isn’t Is Great To Have An Expert Helping?

For more than 30 years GROUP TRAVEL SPECIALISTS experts have created memorable educational travel experiences for students and teachers with a diverse set of needs and objectives. Our educational travel experts work hard, and their number one priority is always the comfort and safety of your students, and the teachers and parents traveling with them. We can help you plan and arrange your next trip!

We’ll help you plan trips that connect learning with life. Students will gain new confidence as they experience learning in a new and exciting environment, and gain a deeper understanding of the people they meet and places they visit. A lifetime of memories and a new found love of discovery are the result of a well planned educational travel experience. Group Travel Specialists wants to help you make it a reality for your group.

Whether you’re taking a group of students to experience the rich tapestry of a nation’s capital or walking in the footsteps of history as you explore and learn about the people and places that inspired a culture or the world, the travel details needn’t be challenging or overwhelming. Because simple or complex, you will save money and avoid the problems by letting GROUP TRAVEL SPECIALISTS arrange your group’s travel needs.

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